Colorado Horse Council Membership

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The Colorado Horse Council is a member-based, non-profit organization. Memberships allow us to pay a full-time lobbyist and keep tabs on all matters concerning the equine industry. Our goal is to advocate for and protect the rights of horse owners in the state of Colorado and your membership fees help do that.

The four membership types offered allow you to choose the one best for you, whether you're an individual or part of a family, a club, organization, business, ranch, etc. The benefits offered with each membership varies. Two memberships types include Personal Excess Liability Insurance, while three types offer voting privileges at our Annual Meeting. All four memberships provide grounds admission tickets to our annual Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, as well as providing the peace of mind knowing we are looking out and fighting for your best interests in the equine industry.

Please take a look below at the four (4) membership types currently offered to find the one that most closely fits your needs. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of this page, or by calling us at (303) 292-4981.

Why Join CHC?
  • The Colorado Horse Contact newsletter keeps you current on the state of the horse industry in Colorado and across the nation.
  • Professional lobbyists promote your equine interests at the State Capitol.
  • Legislative and regulatory updates help you make informed decisions.
  • Listing in the CHC Membership Directory puts your business in the public eye.
  • Horse industry business discounts improve your bottom line.
  • Member rates on Equisure, Inc. insurance products.
  • Target your marketing efforts with access to membership mailing lists.
Membership Benefits Include:
  • 2 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Grounds Admission tickets
  • $1 Million Equine Excess Personal Liability Insurance*
  • Electronic Newsletters
  • Membership Directory listing (deadline January 1st)
  • State Capitol professional lobbyists
  • Legislative and regulatory updates
  • Discount on Equine Liability signs
  • Access to membership mailing list/directory
  • Email bulletins and news updates
  • Member rates on Equisure, Inc. insurance products
  • Association Resource Group member discounts
  • Discount on "Equine Liability" signs.
  • CHC Recognition Program.
  • Website listing on the Colorado Equine City Hall.
  • Membership Directory listing as a Boarding Stable Manager, if applicable.
  • Equestrian trails activities

Membership Type-Specific Benefits

Individual Insured
Family Insured
  • $1 million Equine Excess Personal Liability Insurance.* Coverage is for up to 2 adult spouses and their unemancipated children under 18 years of age still living with them.
  • Four (4) Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Grounds Admission tickets.
  • 1 vote allotted in the Colorado Horse Council.
  • Other Horse-related insurance products available to members through Equisure, Inc and ARG.
  • Includes Clubs, Organizations, Non-Profits, Ranches and Corporate entities.
  • Eight (8) Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Grounds Admission tickets.
  • 1 vote allotted in the Colorado Horse Council.
  • Website Organization Directory listing on the Colorado Equine City Hall.
  • Available to one individual who is a member of a Club, Organization or Non-Profit that is already member of the Colorado Horse Council. (The individual becomes an "affiliate" of CHC through their organization's CHC membership.
  • Two (2) Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Grounds Admission tickets.

*Equine Excess Personal Liability Insurance coverage covers a calendar year from January 1st to December 31st regardless of date/time during that year the CHC Individual or Family Membership was purchased. The CHC membership dues cover a 12-month period starting the date you pay your membership dues.

Colorado Equine City Hall Website Note:

Joining or renewing your membership to the Colorado Horse Council requires us to utilize our Colorado Equine City Hall (CECH) website. The "Join/Renew Online Today!" button will automatically redirect you to the CECH website where you will either login (when renewing) or create a free "New Visitor Registration" account (when joining).