Colorado Horse Council

The Colorado Horse Council is the industry leader of all state horse councils when it comes to providing member clubs and organizations with a one-stop-shopping, web-based Customer Relation Management (CRM) database tool!

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Colorado Horse Development Authority

The Colorado Horse Development Authority is a promotional and marketing arm of the horse industry. Promotion, education, and marketing are the keys to the success of our state horse industry. Together we can “hold the reins for a better life.”

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Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Expo 2021 has been canceled due to the uncertainty and CDC requirements of the Pandemic. Please join us in 2022

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The Heritage Ride

A fundraiser to Support the Horse and your activities with your horse. Promotes & protects the heritage of the horse while developing the future heritage of the horse.

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Welcome Fellow Horse Enthusiasts!

All Equine Enthusiasts Come Together and follow Initiative #16 (PAUSE). Join the journey in becoming familiar on how this State Initiative might change our equine community, the lifestyle we enjoy and how we care for our animals.  Do not believe that this does not affect you as a one horse owner, an equine business, a health professional, trainer or equine enthusiast, IT DOES.  Keep up with the information and efforts to oppose this sort of legislation on our Equine community.

Register at the Equine City Hall and Become Involved! Click Here

The Colorado Horse Council advocates for the social, economic and legislative interests of all horse breeds within the State of Colorado, the US and worldwide. We are a trusted voice in the horse industry and our mission is to advocate for the health & wellbeing of all horses and promote initiatives that advance and enhance the equine industry.

The Colorado Horse Council represents farmers, ranchers, breeders, trainers, showmen and women, retailers, veterinary care providers, service providers, feed producers and those who own horses within the State of Colorado.

In partnership with the Colorado Horse Development Authority, we launched a new Colorado Equine Microchipping Program in 2018 help reunite owners and their horses when separated as a result of natural disasters, theft or accidental escape.

Purchase your Equine Microchip and lifetime registration for $20 plus shipping & handling by clicking hereWatch Fox News Channel 31 news story about our new equine microchipping program by clicking here

The Colorado Horse Council organizes the annual Rocky Mountain Horse Expo (RMHE) in Denver every March. Please mark your calendar and join us for the 2020 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo (RMHE) the weekend of  Feburary 28 -29 to Sunday, March 1, 2020.

The 2020 RMHE is a great opportunity to learn from highly-trained clinicians who excel in a variety of equine disciplines and breeds. Explore the trade show area to discover and learn about unique equine products, services, education and events happening within the equine industry. Bring the entire family to the Mane Event on Friday or Saturday night at 7 pm to watch a spectacular performance showcasing many different equine breeds and disciplines – set to music and lights.

Discover one-of-a-kind equine art at ‘Art in the Park’ – which showcases the country’s most-talented equine artists that are selected by expert judges. Artwork will be available for sale at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo trade show area. For more information about ‘Art in the Park’, go to The spectacular ‘Mane Event’ performances celebrate the beauty of the horse set to music and lights and is perfect for all ages. Purchase tickets to the 2020 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo and the Mane Event, go to

The Colorado Horse Council organizes the annual Heritage Ride as fundraising activity throughout the year. Heritage Rides offer horse enthusiasts the opportunity to participate in exciting adventures and activities with their horses. Last Heritage Ride gave owners and horses (all breeds) the opportunity to race around the track of Arapahoe Park Racetrack, try their hand at wrangling cattle, the chance to try obstacle courses and much more. To learn about upcoming Heritage Ride, check back on our website or follow us on social media.

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Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Expo 2021 has been canceled due to the uncertainty and
CDC requirements of the Pandemic.

Please join us in 2022

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Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

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The 2020 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo takes place from February 28-29 and March 1, 2020 at the National Western Stock Show Complex. All breeds and all disciplines.

The CHDA is responsible for the collection, distribution, and program accountability for the Horse Promotion Assessment.

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2020 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

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