Lisanne Fear
Mustang Discovery Foundation
Growing up in Wyoming, Lisanne loves to inspire others to adopt wild horses. Her home state provides stunning backdrops while she shows what these wild horses are capable of. Lisanne brings with her formal survival and emergency response training, experience packing her horses into the wilderness, and a passion for the outdoors. From a young age, Lisanne has had an internal appetite to test her boundaries. A 5,000 mile ride from coast to coast fits quite well on her path.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunity - We need your help! 📣


Volunteers are vital to our success! We invite you to participate in a virtual volunteer meeting.

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Volunteers may assist for a few hours during the Expo, February 24-26, 2023. Opportunities include directing people to locations, greeting people at the door, helping out during special events or assisting the Expo Team with their tasks. All types of skills are needed, we'll find something for you to do!