Attention Equestrians! We need your Help!
Posted on Thu, December 02, 2010

After lengthy discussions, hikers and trail runners are getting mostly what they want.
After interminable discussions, dog walkers are getting some of what they want.
After many behind-the-scenes discussions and one public one, mountain bikers got a flat-out "no," but they are not taking that no for an answer and will be fighting back.
After virtually no discussion -- but many attempts at negotiation -- equestrians are coming out on the short end of the stick, in every way.

Call to Action!
This is an appeal to you ALL - PLEASE - to make "The Voice for Horses and Horse People" heard in the Open Space debate.

Here's a schedule of upcoming dates that is YOUR PERSONAL INVITATION to participate on behalf of all equestrians!

On November 29th, 2010, OSMP released to the public the preliminary set of agreements.  These will be posted on the WTSA website .  Please review this set of preliminary recommendations and offer your comments -- through the website,  at the Open Space Board of Trustees meetings, at the public open house, AND by emailing the Boulder City Council!

December 6th  2010, OSMP and the CCG will host a public open house at the East Boulder Community Center from 6:00 - 9:00 pm. The open house will be the public's best opportunity to learn more about the package of preliminary CCG recommendations, ask questions, and offer your input to the CCG.

December 9th 2010 the OSBT will have a regular board meeting at the West Senior Center starting at 6 p.m. to determine the format for the December 15th study session.  They will not be discussing the preliminary package of CCG recommendation at this meeting.
There will be a public comment opportunity at this important meeting.

December 15th, 2010 the OSBT will hold a study session at the East Boulder Community Center to review and discuss with the CCG your preliminary recommendations.  Whether or not there will be public comment at this meeting is still being debated (!).

January 6th, 2011 the CCG will have their final meeting to incorporate input received at the public open house and comments from the board and to complete any final negotiations.  This meeting will determine the final set of WTSA recommendations.

January 19th, 2011 the CCG will meet with the OSBT and present the final package of West TSA recommendations for their consideration.

These meetings will be packed with people from all viewpoints, including environmentalists who don't want any new trails, who want a lot of existing trails closed, and who don't want horses to continue to enjoy some of our historic habitat.  There will be mountain bikers who want new mountain bike trails.  There will be climbers who want more climbing routes.  There will be dog walkers who want more voice and sight trails for their dogs.

Will there be equestrians to fight for horses in the West TSA???

To View Background Information Click Here

Click Here to Download Map

The map summarizes our revised comprehensive proposal for Horses in the West TSA.  We believe we have offered in good faith to "meet everybody in the middle."  We are voluntarily offering to give up vast amounts of historic equestrian habitat, and we need something in exchange.  Access to key existing trails, some new trails, some meaningful reroutes, and trailer parking would be a terrific start.

It too was rejected - with no discussion whatsoever.

Will you join the battle NOW to show OSMP, the public, and the Boulder City Council that horse people care about equestrian access to public lands in Boulder?  Or are you willing to just let horses go the way of the dinosaurs?

For more, official information, visit the West TSA's very own website.

Please get involved now!
Turning out for the meetings is the most powerful way to make your voices heard.  If you really can't make it to any of the meetings, you may email:
The Open Space Board of Trustees by going to the OSBT website and clicking on "Send a Message to the Board"
The Open Space Department at

and the Boulder City Council (the ultimate arbiter of all things including this West TSA plan) at

For more information contact Suzanne Webel, BCHA representative to the Community Collaborative Group, at 303-485-2162 or email


Hope to see you at the meetings!

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