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CHDA Grant Program

The Colorado Horse Development Authority was created by an Act of the State Legislature and is a non-profit organization that works to ensure the strength of the State’s horse industry through research, education, and the development of new economic opportunities.

The CHDA Grant Program was created to help uphold the mission of the Colorado Horse Development Authority, “to promote and sustain the growth and development of the horse industry.”

Thank you for researching and/or applying for a grant through the Colorado Horse Development Authority! Please thank your fellow horse owners for their support of the CHDA. Funds are collected through brand inspection fees as well as sales of CO “Support the Horse” license plates. The funds received are then granted through the CHDA Board on a quarterly basis.

Grant Allocation & Categorization:

The annual grant allocation is part of the CHDA budget for the fiscal year, which begins July 1 and ends June 30.

  • As determined by the CHDA Board as part of the 2014 Strategic Plan, grants will be assessed to fit into specific categories annually (see categories below.)
  • Percentage allocations will be determined during each year’s budget process and may vary year-to-year based on the needs the Board deems important for that year.
  • The CHDA Board meets quarterly to review and allocate funds. Any balance at the 4th quarterly meeting may be re-allocated to a different category.
  • An application may fit under more than one designated category.
  • Youth Program – support or development
  • Emergency Management – support or development
  • Show Industry – support or development
  • Recreational Trail – support or development
  • State or Industry Association Meetings – support or participation
  • Public Education to support the horse industry in CO (e.g., state laws or awareness)
Grant Application Process:

Starting July 1, 2014 and onward until further notice, the Grant Application process and selection will be as follows:

  • To apply for a grant, complete and submit the GRANT REQUEST FORM below. Any supporting documents or files may be emailed to
  • If you would like to attend the Board meeting to give a formal presentation, please notify the CHDA staff at the time of application to allow proper time to be allocated during the Board meeting.
  • Applications are due 10 business days prior to the scheduled Board meeting to give staff and Board members appropriate amount of time to review applications.
  • An application may fit under more than one designated category.
  • Please read Eligibility, Integration, Sustainability and Impact sections below for more information.
Grant Selection Process:
  • The CHDA Board meets quarterly to review and allocate funds toward the applications received for that quarter or until all funds have been dispersed.
  • Grant requests are funded on a yearly, one-time basis. Applicants must reapply each year for further funding.
  • CHDA grant application processing time may take up to 90 days.
  • Grants are funded for 50% of approved amounts, and then upon receipt of a report and photos of the project, the remaining 50% is disbursed.
  • If your grant application is not approved during one of the first 3 quarterly meetings due to funding being depleted in the category the grant falls under, it may be re-submitted for the 4th quarter meeting. If funding is available from another category, it may be reconsidered from the Board at this time.

The recipient(s) of this application must be an eligible recipient. Eligible recipients are residents of Colorado, or individuals who are conducting business in the State of Colorado.

Members of the CHDA Board of Directors, members of their immediate family, or individuals who reside with CHDA Board members are NOT ELIGIBLE.

Grant applicants must be in good financial standing with both Colorado Horse Council (CHC) and Colorado Horse Development Authority (CHDA).

If applicant is a non-profit organization, the organization must be in good standing with the State of Colorado.


The project goals must complement the statutory charge of the Colorado Horse Development Authority.


The recipient(s) if this application must demonstrate they are able to complete and have viable plans for the operation, maintenance and management of the project.


The project addresses a local or statewide need and benefits a local community, region or the State within the category it is applied under. (E.g., the project will have an impact on Youth development within the State of Colorado.)

Grant Request Submission Form: 


All fields are required, the more description  the better.