RMHE Ride with the Experts

 Feb 28 – Mar 1, 2020

The Ride with the Experts program is designed for Expo attendees to bring their own horse and actually ‘ride’ with the clinician during their presentation. This opportunity gives you hands-on experience with your own horse to put the teachings of the clinician to the test.

There are two rate options for participants:

Option 1 – Daily Rate

$60 per Clinician session, PLUS a required Day Stall cost of $50 (no overnight in stall). Includes a shared tack stall. If you need/want your own tack stall, add $50 for another Day Stall.

Option 2 – Weekend Package Rate

$275 per package. Package includes 1 stall for 3 days/2 nights (Fri-Sun), 1 shared tack and 3 ride sessions with participating Clinicians of your choice (pending session availability). This package also include your 3 day entry pass (with mane Event entry) and a 3 day parking pass.   If you need/want your own tack stall, add $50/day for another stall.

How to Sign-Up

How to sign up for Ride with the Exports:

If you would like to “Ride with the Experts,” just take the following steps:

  1. Complete a 2019 Ride With the Expert Participant Contract (to be posted soon). List your three clinician preferences, and the RMHE will forward your information to the clinician(s) in order of preference, for them to determine whether it’s a match between their program and your skills and goals. If your first choice doesn’t work out, then the RMHE will contact your second, etc.
  2. Full payment is expected at the time of submitting the contract.
  3. NO proof of liability insurance is needed; however, it is in your best interest to be covered. If you don’t have this coverage from another source, it’s included in your current Colorado Horse Council individual/family membership or available for purchase from us. Not a member yet? Time to join – click here.
  4. Take note to follow all the requirements for health papers detailed on the contract; papers will be checked at the gate before your horse is admitted onto the National Western grounds.
  5. You must be at least 16 yrs old to participate.  If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian must sign the application along with you.
  6. All riders (and parent/guardian if appropriate) must sign RMHE liability releases before riding. Waivers are available at the Barn Office when you check in. If you’d like to print and sign it ahead of time and bring it with you to the Expo, you’ll find it on the Exhibitor Forms & Info page.